About us

Welcome at our website, we are Xandra and Jeroen, we are born and raised in the Netherlands (Europe). We ahd our own businesses in the Netherlands and are/were also proud owner of vacation rentals in the Netherlands, Germany and Florida. On the many occasions we were travelling we have stayed at many vacation rentals. In our search for a new challenge in our lives we have chosen to make the step to start and manage a new business of our own in Florida. Why Florida? It’s simple, during our honeymoon in 2001 we fell in love with Florida and have been there every possible moment.

Why property management, it can be a hard business but it also has many nice moments because we take care of the properties for the owners and we meet many families that are on vacation in Florida and having a wonderful time over here. It’s our goal to use our personal touch in our approach to property owners and tenants/guests so they are all satisfied about us. We have experience as tenant/guest and with our own vacation properties in Florida, Netherlands and Germany. We will take the know-how from both side in our daily work to satisfy the property owners and also the tenants/guest with a personal approach to both of them.

Together we form a great team, Xandra has a very personal approach to customers. She is experienced in doing administrations, is very accurate, and has worked with many clients in the past and they loved how she did her work. Jeroen had his own company in electrical and technical work, he has worked a lot on properties and factories in the Netherlands, and is very experienced in all kinds of work. He knows his tools and how to use them to repair or to make things, so he will take care of the technical and maintenance part of the property management.

If you decide to choose us as your property management company you will experience our hands-on mentality and professional and personal approach of everything, we will handle your property like it is ours and we will approach the tenants/guest as they are our tenants/guests. As property owner and as tenants/guests you can count on our excellent customer service and for emergencies we will be available 24/7.

Together with you as property owner we will look how we can make the best out of your property. We will take care of the advertising of your house on different channels, we will take care of the complete booking process. Before the tenants/guests arrive we will check the house and take care of the welcome sets so the first impression of the tenants/guest will be great. During their stay we will go by the tenants/guest to check if everything is okay and to ask if we can help them with anything to make their stay even better.

As owner you will be informed about new bookings and we will also keep you informed about any necessary maintenance and if problems occur and when/how they are solved. As owner you can sit back and let us do the work and just cash your profits from your vacation rental property. Together we can work to make the most out of your property and if you want to change something at your property we can take care of it for you.

If you are looking for the personal touch from a management company, you are on the right place. You can contact us by email info@personaltouch.management or by phone at +1 352-247-4788.